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Box 1


Contains 84 Collections and/or Records:

No separator-10/13/99-11/19/99 Trip to China, 1999, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_2
Scope and Contents -Memo slip with address and phone numbers. 1 sheet. Holograph (Note 1)

-卞學璜教授夫婦來校訪問日程安排(草案)。排印本 1 葉

-Itinerary for 1999 trip for T.H.H and R.C. Pian to China. 1 sheet (2 pages) (Note 1)

-Memo with names, address, and phone number of 李子雲. 1 sheet. Holograph (Note 1)

-南京市文物局關於在道路建設中金陵刻經處保護情況的滙報。打印本 1 葉(影印本)。"一九九九年九月七日" (Note 2)

-給雷的信件。打印本 1 葉。關於楊蔭瀏百年紀念會。有手寫改正 (Note 1)

No separator-Untitled folder, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 3
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_3
Scope and Contents -The Trial of Su San(玉堂春). 14 sheets (pages [i], 1-13). Typescript (photocopy). Includes introductory remarks, synopsis, lyrics in English translation and fragments of melodic motives and percussion fragments transcribed using number notation, The Animated Aria (4 Stanzas), The Dramatic Aria, The Lyric Aria, and The Narrative Aria trascribed in 5-line staff notation (Note 2)-Portion of an article on The Fisherman's Revenge. 3 sheets (pages 12-14). Typescript (photocopy)....

No separator-Untitled folder, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 4
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_4
Scope and Contents Consists of teaching materials enclosed by folded sheet with handwritten notes: Music 196. Includes:

-Illustrations showing the fingering of ell hwang 二簧 and shipyi 西皮 . 1 sheet (photocopy). Text in Chinese. With 1 copy

-Excerpt of a score with 工尺 notation transcribed into number notation. 1 sheet (pages 68-69) (photocopy). In Chinese. With 5 copies (Note 2)

No separator-P.O. / 1st day, questionnaire, 1988, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 5
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_5
Scope and Contents -Questionnaire, Music 196, spring 1988. 1 sheet. Typescript (Note 2)

-List of general works (music, area studies, methodology). 1 sheet. Typescript (photocopy)

Clippings, news items-No folder, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 6
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_6

Lecture MS-Untitled folder, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 7
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_7
Scope and Contents -Glossary of terms used in Daa Yu Sha Jia (The Fisherman's Revenge) 打漁殺家. 5 sheets. Typescript. With handwritten Chinese character

Reading and listening notes-打漁殺家 Music examples, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 8
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_8
Scope and Contents -打漁殺家:蕭恩獨唱曲 . 1 score (2 sheets (4 pages)). Typescript. In 5-line notation. "From: Selections from the Peking Opera, Jing Jiuh Sheuan Cheu (Peking 1956). 'The Fisherman's Revenge' In the Shipyi Narrative Aria, Shiau En's Soliloquy. As sung by Yu Shuhyan. Transcribed by Jang Fuh." Lyrics in Chinese and Romanized text (Note 2)-打漁殺家(根據 1964 年大鵬劇團演出)。手稿 33 葉(影印本)。唱詞 (Note 2)-西皮快三眼(蕭恩的獨唱); 西皮原板(蕭桂英的獨唱) 。排印本3葉(影印本)。樂譜。五綫譜。"On reserve for listening, Mus...

Reading and listening notes-打漁 vocab glossary, music examples, extra sheets, 1966, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 9
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_9
Scope and Contents -Aria types, percussion patterns and speech types from The Fisherman's Revenge. 1 sheet. Typescript (photocopy)-楊聯陞致 Iris(卞趙如蘭) 信函。1966.3.30。手稿 1 葉。討論 Iris 的文章,並提及劉大中可幫助她研究鑼鼓經 (Note 2)-Peking opera (material for 230). 1 sheet. Holograph. Includes notes on teaching mateials for 打漁殺家 and Peking opera in general-Memo slip. 1 sheet ; 8 x 13 cm. Holograph-Some Notes for Daa Yu Sha Jia. 2 sheets (2 copies). Typescript (photocopy)-Glossary of...

Reading and listening notes-Extra copy of Chinese text, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 10
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_10

Reading and listening notes-Untitled folder, undated

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 11
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_1_Folder_11
Scope and Contents -京劇的節奏。手稿 14 葉。題名據英文版擬定 (Note 2)

-Function of Rhythm, Aspects of the Peking opera. 13 sheets. Typescript (photocopy). With handwritten corrections (Note 2)