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CUHK/PER. Personal papers

 Record Group Term
Identifier: CUHK/PER
Personal papers: Documents created, acquired, or received by an individual in the course of his or her affairs and preserved in their original order (Source: Richard Pearce-Moses. A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology. Chicago, Illinois : Society of American Archivists, c2005)

Found in 36 Collections and/or Records:

Bonnie S. McDougall collection on Bei Dao

Identifier: HK CVU 0038/PER/BeiD
Scope and Contents

Consists chiefly of materials assembled or written by Bonnie S. McDougall in the course of translating and publishing works by Bei Dao and other contemporary Chinese writers. Includes manuscripts, correspondence, booklets, photographs, leaflets, posters, clippings, sound and video recordings, etc.

David Hawkes papers

Identifier: HK CVU 0011/PER/Dhawkes
Scope and Contents

Consists of donated materials chiefly prepared and collected by David Hawkes on Chinese literature and the study of religion. Also covers biographical materials on David Hawkes. Material types include manuscripts, correspondence, notes, books, catalogues, off-prints, contracts, invoices, photographs, videos, transcripts and clippings, etc.

Deng Erya collection of oracle bones 鄧爾雅舊藏甲骨

Identifier: HK CVU 0042/PER/DengEY
Scope and Contents 包括鄧爾雅收藏之四十四片甲骨,年代由商武丁第一期至祖庚、祖甲第二期,甲骨刻辭分卜旬、夕卜、祭祀、天氣及其它類。

Gao Xingjian papers 高行健書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0014/PER/GaoXJ
Scope and Contents

包括高行健劇作及畫展的宣傳資料(海報、明信片和單張等)、水墨畫、照片、個人物品和手稿,亦有其他人士捐贈有關高行健的剪報、宣傳資料和評論文章等。部份項目曾於 2004 年 12 月 11-15 日於香港中文大學圖書館展出,並著錄於「2000 年諾貝爾文學獎得主高行健先生捐贈展」展覽目錄內。

Gu Zhaoshen papers 古兆申書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0005/PER/GuZS
Scope and Contents


He Zi papers 何紫書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0083/PER/HeZi
Scope and Contents 包括何紫的手稿和信函,還有紀念奬座、書畫、名片、照片及明信片等。

Huang Hanxun 黃漢勛書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0041/PER/HuangHX
Scope and Contents 包括黃漢勛的手稿和聘函,還有剪報冊、照片和兵器等資料。

Lei Bingxun papers 雷炳勳書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0086/PER/LeiBingxun
Scope and Contents 主要是雷炳勳在古巴工作期間,寫給香港的家人和親友之信函。

Li Jian papers 黎鍵書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0002/PER/LiJian
Scope and Contents


Li Yuanhua papers 李援華書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0043/PER/LiYH
Scope and Contents 包含李援華的手稿(如戲劇理論、教學筆記、評論和劇本等)、信函、照片和剪報等資料。