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CUHK/PER. Personal papers

 Classification Term
Identifier: CUHK/PER
Personal papers: Documents created, acquired, or received by an individual in the course of his or her affairs and preserved in their original order (Source: Richard Pearce-Moses. A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology. Chicago, Illinois : Society of American Archivists, c2005)

Found in 67 Collections and/or Records:

Lu Xiaoluo papers 陸小洛書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0055/PER/LuXL
Scope and Contents 主要是陸小洛的日記、手稿、信函、照片、收藏的剪報等,還有其女兒陸回的手稿、剪報資料。

Lu Xiudong papers 盧秀東書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0004/PER/LuXD
Scope and Contents


Lu Zhaoling papers 盧昭靈書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0008/PER/LuZL
Scope and Contents


Luo Fu papers 羅孚書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0056/PER/LuoFu
Scope and Contents 包括羅孚的手稿,亦有羅孚收藏包天笑的作品手稿。

Luo Lang papers 羅琅書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0009/PER/LuoLang
Scope and Contents 包含羅琅發表及收集的文章、往來信函和稿費通知單。

Ma Kiam papers 馬鑑書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0087/PER/MaKiam
Scope and Contents 主要是馬鑑的手稿和信函,亦有馬鑑收集親友的手稿、信函和照片,還有拓片、卷軸書畫和剪報等資料。

Ma Meng papers 馬蒙書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0088/PER/MaMeng
Scope and Contents

Consists chiefly of correspondence written or received by Ma Meng during his employment at the University of Hong Kong. Also includes some teaching materials on Chinese Studies and Chinese language. Other material types include photographs, certificates, scrolls and drawings, clippings, objects, etc.

Ma Schmu papers 馬世侔書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0098/PER/MaSchmu
Scope and Contents 主要是友人寫給馬世侔的書信。

Maike papers 邁克手稿

Identifier: HK CVU 0104/PER/Maike
Scope and Contents 包括邁克《互吹不如單打》一書各文章的手稿及專欄剪報。

MoLuo Miaoxin papers 莫羅妙馨書信文件

Identifier: HK CVU 0052/PER/MoLuoMX
Scope and Contents 包括莫羅妙馨和友儕的手稿、剪報及香港學海書樓的講義、筆記等。