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Box 5


Contains 68 Collections and/or Records:

No separator-奉調,西河,越劇,七字唱etc老材 也許沒用了, undated

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 1
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_1
Scope and Contents -B.1 數來寶 Beggar's Single (A 相聲 imitation)。手稿(影印本)。(相聲集錦 Vol.4 p.45)。有複本 (Note 2)-Ballad Opera from Chekiang. The Western Chamber. 1 score. Typescript (photocopy). 5-line staff notation with lyrics in Romanized text and English (Note 2)-風雨歸舟 = Boat Return in the Rain。樂譜手稿(影印本)。五線譜。根據小綵舞唱(M-110)(Note 2)-Chinese 230, Dialogue Speech vs. Presentation Speech. Pages 2-5. Typescript (mimeographed) with handwritten notes. With duplicate copy (no handwritten notes)...

No separator-Untitled folder, undated

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 2
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_2
Scope and Contents A three-ring binder, includes:-Feng Yeu Guei Jou 'Boat Return in the Rain' A Transcription with Commentary. By Rulan Chao Pian. Page 389-403. With handwritten title: 風雨歸舟 (Note 2)-Peking Drum Singing: Boat Return in the Rain = 風雨歸舟(小綵舞唱M-110)。Typescript (photocopy) with handwritten notes. Lyrics in Chinese, Romainized text, and English. "used in 230" (Note 2)-風雨歸舟(京韻大鼓)。演唱:小綵舞;伴奏:天津巿曲藝團樂隊;M-110。手稿(影印本)。Tab title: 大鼓。有手寫筆記 (Note 2)...

No separator-My Life as a Drum Singer, 1972, undated

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 3
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_3
Scope and Contents A paper folder, "ch. Lit. 230" Includes:

-My Life as a Drum Singer: The Autobiography of Jang Tsueyfenq (As told to Liou Fang). Translated from the Chinese by Rulan Chao Pian, 1972. Pages i-vi, 1-119. Typescript (photocopy) (Note 2)

Reading for 198-Untitled folder, 1991 - 1991

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 4
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_4
Scope and Contents -Newsletter of the Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology. Winter 1991. Pages 1-11 (Note 2)

Reading for 198-Untitled folder, undated

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 5
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_5
Scope and Contents -The Peking Drum Song, “Tzu Ch'i Listening to the Ch'in”. Typescript (photocopy)-Tzu Ch'i Listening to the Ch'in. A Peking Drum Song. Typescript (photocopy). “Trans. by R. C. P”-Excerpt from “Tzu Ch'i Listening to the Ch'in”. Transcribed by R. C. Pian. 1 score. Typescript (photocopy). 5-line staff notation with lyrics in Romanized text, Chinese and English (Note 2)-The Peking Drum Song, Tzu Ch'i Listening to the Ch'in = Tzyy Chyi Ting Chyn. Romanized Text....

Reading for 198-Untitled folder, 1981-1982, 1985, undated

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 6
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_6
Scope and Contents -Music and Context. Essays for John M. Ward. Department of Music, Harvard University, 1985 (Note 2)-The Twirling Duet: A Dance Narrative from Northeast China. By Rulan Chao Pian. Offprint of: Music and Context. Essays for John M. Ward. 1985. Pages 210-240 (Note 2)-An Introduction to a Folksong of the Gansu Province - 'Huaer' (Flower). By Zhang Xiao and Pu Xi-wen. Offprint of: Chinese Music. “vol. 4, #4 1982, pp. 76-79” “vol. 5, #1 1982, pp. 14-18” “vol. 5 #2, 1982, pp....

Reading for 198-Music in China, undated

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 7
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_7

Reading for 198-Music 198 The Dream of the Red Chamber, undated

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 8
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_8

Reading for 198-Music 198 Rulan Chao Pian, The Peking Drum Song, undated

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 9
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_9

Music and Ritual, Lab Materials-Untitled folder, 1983 - 1983

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 10
Identifier: 0039_PER_Pian_Series_1_Subseries_5_Folder_10
Scope and Contents -The Journal of Confucius. The grand master of all ages. Volume 2, October 1983. With label: Music 198 (Note 2)