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CUHK/LIST. Inventory list

 Record Group Term
Identifier: CUHK/LIST
Inventory list: Collection which is not yet arranged and described, it has not been re-foldered, re-boxed, numbered or labeled. Title may vary and its online finding aid is not yet available. Advance notice in writing of at least ten working days is required for requesting access to this type of collection, subject to restrictions.

Found in 70 Collections and/or Records:

陳耀南錄音帶及信函 (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 0066/PER/ChenYaonan
Scope and Contents 包含陳耀南談中國文學和文化的錄音帶及信函(捐贈清單)

陸回剪報資料 (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 0059/PER/LuHui
Scope and Contents 包含陸回收集的剪報資料(捐贈清單)

麥繼強書信文件 (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 0100/PER/MaiJiqiang
Scope and Contents 包含麥繼強申請專利的文件和康有為的手稿(捐贈清單)

曾希穎手稿 (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 0093/PER/CengXiying
Scope and Contents 包含曾希穎的手稿(捐贈清單)

越營藝穗 Art in the Camps (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 1007/COLL/ArtC
Scope and Contents 包含「越營藝穗」計劃收集的畫作、刺繡和期刊等資料(捐贈清單)

黃少山書信文件 (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 0062/PER/HuangShaoshan
Scope and Contents 包含黃少山撰寫和收集的手稿、信函和教學筆記等資料(捐贈清單)

黃奇智書信文件 (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 0032/PER/HuangQZ
Scope and Contents 主要是黃奇智的畫作,亦包含他的照片、筆記、剪報和投影片等資料(捐贈清單)

黃漢勛書信文件 (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 0041/PER/HuangHX
Content Description 主要是黃漢勛編撰的武術書籍手稿,亦包含他收集的照片、剪報和刊物等資料 (UL HKS Closed Stack)

楊金安書信文件 (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 0081/PER/YeungKamon
Scope and Contents 包含楊金安收集的證書、文件和信函等資料(捐贈清單)

楊舜文手稿 (inventory list)

Identifier: HK CVU 0016/PER/YangXW
Scope and Contents 包含楊舜文撰寫和收集的詩詞手稿、詩軸和閱讀筆記等資料(捐贈清單)